July 12-14, 2019

Mothapalooza celebrated its fifth year in 2017! It was another wonderful weekend of mothing, diurnal field trips, workshops, keynote presentations and camaraderie based out of Shawnee Lodge & Conference Center.

Please mark your calendars and join us for the next Mothapalooza, coming July 12-14, 2019.

Mothapalooza, Adams Co., OH June 14, 2013 (83)

Mothapalooza is a celebration of the rich and stunningly beautiful world of moths. Their much better known diurnal counterparts the butterflies are dwarfed by the diversity of moths. Fewer than 140 butterfly species have been recorded in Ohio; there are an estimated 3,000 species of moths. We know from the previous five Mothapaloozas that participants can expect to see a blizzard of moths, numbering into hundreds of species.

Our weekend program features an interesting range of
talks by leading experts, Break-out Sessions and field trips to experience moths and other elements of natural history firsthand.
Tulip Tree Silk Moth Cutout

Sponsored in large part by the Ohio Division of Wildlife, the 2017 Conference featured well-known keynote speakers and guides including Doug Tallamy, Author of "Bringing Nature Home", Eric Metzler, Moth Expert Extraordinaire (he's got so many credentials, I can't list them here - click his name link!) and Samuel Jaffe, a New England-based Naturalist and Founder of The Caterpillar Lab.

The 2019 Conference planning is underway and we will announce our keynotes and field guides well in advance of the event. We expect to open registration in February of 2019.

The event was based at the beautiful
Shawnee Lodge & Conference Center in the heart of the 65,000 acre Shawnee State Forest. This will be our venue again for 2019. A few miles to the west is the expansive 16,000 acre Edge of Appalachia Preserve. This region harbors Ohio’s richest biodiversity and is chockfull of rarities, both plant and animal. Expert-guided field trips, both day and night, will explore the best habitats in the area. Attendees can expect to compile huge lists of moths, butterflies, myriad other insects, birds, plants, and more.

Zebra Moth Cutout

We hope you will join us for what should be a one-of-a-kind Nature Experience!

Dave McShaffrey posing with some spectacular moths during Mothapalooza 2013 - and take a look at that sheet! We will be returning to the same venue in 2017.

Registration is Now Closed